Work by Shuying Wu and Margot Shafran.

Student Exhibition: Contested Terrains

February 20, 2017 - March 17, 2017
Display Cases Outside Kranzberg Art & Architecture Library

In the discipline and practice of landscape architecture, a language around "reclamation" and "restoration" has emerged as a guiding assumption across a range of projects. In fall 2016, MLA students took on these assumptions by challenging the very nature of landscape architectural practice to position our urban landscape not as a site of naive ecological return but as an always, already, contested terrain. This exhibition features work by three pairs of students from the Contested Terrains studio: Margot Shafran and Shuying Wu, Eric Kobal and Tornike Jashia, and
Nona Davitaia and Shuailin Wu. The studio was led by assistant professor Jesse Vogler and lecturer Micah Stanek.