Student Exhibition: Digital Evolutions

March 6, 2017 - March 31, 2017
Display Cases Outside Kranzberg Art & Architecture Library

Digital Evolutions: Parametric Design for a Fabricated Species introduced digital modeling, parametric work-flow, and fabrication techniques in a variety of two- and three-dimensional media to document the imagined development of a hypothetical animal species.

Students began with an analysis of drawings by Ernst Haeckel (1843-1919), a German biologist, naturalist, philosopher, and artist who promoted and popularized Charles Darwin's work in Germany, but whose own alternative theories of evolution have subsequently been discredited. Students used Grasshopper and associated plug-ins to exploit the powerful flexibility of parametric design to iteratively adapt these studies to various imagined environmental conditions. Working in pairs, students crossbred their species, synthesizing ideas concerning skin, support systems, pattern, and kinetics, finally modeling this fictitious entity with a geometrically rationalized material system—a fabricated fabrication.

Taught by lecturer Nathaniel Elberfeld, MArch11, the course was open to graduate and undergraduate students. The exhibition features work by: Satria Djajasudarma, Eve Bobrow, Fin Roy-Nyline, Mian Wang, Kevin He, Melina Goldman, Siwei Zhang, Meera Toolsidas, Edison Jin, Lindsley Etienne, and Ryan Wu.