Laskey Sophomore Design Challenge. Photo by Stan Strembicki.

Student Exhibition: Laskey Design Challenge

January 22, 2012 - February 4, 2012
Givens & Bixby Halls

This exhibition features works produced by teams of sophomore art and architecture students as part of the Laskey Sophomore Design Challenge, which took place January 20-22 at the Sam Fox School.

The inaugural event, sponsored by Studio L, was a fresh take on the annual Laskey Award competition, which honors Professor Emeritus Leslie J. Laskey and his singular approach to design education during his 35-year tenure at Washington University. In past years, students worked independently to devise proposals that addressed a design challenge issued by Laskey. This year, all sophomores in the Sam Fox School participated in the intensive, weekend-long collaborative session, working in teams under the supervision of faculty.

Kyna Leski—professor and head of architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design as well as principal of 3SIXØ Architecture in Providence—kicked off the event by delivering a special presentation to introduce the design challenge.

Each team was asked to design a second skin for a small object (bigger than a cup but smaller than a torso) that had at least one double curvature. After removing the second skin, students recreated the pattern at a larger scale and transferred it to felt in order to rebuild the object.