2011 Sculpture Series

"Living Room," by Brianna Jordan.

Projects on view in University City beginning April 3, 2011

Posted by Katherine Welsch December 6, 2010

Projects by six Sam Fox School students will be featured in the 2011 University City Sculpture Series, which opens April 3 at Centennial Commons' Heman Park.

Started in 1986, the annual Sculpture Series provides students an opportunity to propose and execute site-specific works of public art for temporary installation in downtown University City.

The University City Municipal Commission on Arts and Letters selected the following students' projects for inclusion in this year's installment of the series:

Cathryn Garcia-Menocal, Earth Composition
Brianna Jordan, Living Room
Anna Roseberry, Collections
Erica Sandrock, Yours, Mine, Ours
Madison Sembler, Non Park
Jessica Star, Open Enso

More than 200 students, 17 professors, 4 deans, 2 chancellors, 60 commission members, and 2 mayors have collaborated on the Sculpture Series since its inception. Projects have been funded by a variety sources, including the City of University City, the Municipal Commission on Arts and Letters, and the St. Louis Regional Arts Commission.

Through participation in the Sculpture Series, students gain valuable hands-on experience with project planning. They choose locations, estimate costs, and design models for their proposed projects, and then make professional presentations before the city's Commission on Arts and Letters.

To learn more about the Sculpture Series, click here.


Marvin Levy was the originator, instigator and founding father of this collaborative project. He should be recognized during this 25th anniversary
year. Frank Ollendorff, Retired City Manager University City

There is a video documentary called The Politics of Public Art, funded by University City's CALOP Commission, that contains accurate information about the inception and early execution of the program and the contribution of Mr. Levy and others. A copy can be made available to the Sam Fox School if you would like to appropriately acknowledge those responsible for the project when the 25th anniversary is celebrated this spring.

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