Washington University provides year-round opportunities for students to pursue socially engaged work through courses or internships and summer programs, in addition to connecting students and faculty with conferences and organizations related to this work.

If you are a student interested in working with local nonprofit or socially engaged organizations in art, design, or architecture, or if you are an organization interested in working with our students on challenging socially engaged issues, contact Liz Kramer at kramer@wustl.edu.

Courses for 2017-18

WashU offers more than 75 courses that include a community-based component, including several offered through the Sam Fox School. Find out more about these courses here>>

Internships & Summer Opportunities

There are many opportunities for students to expand their experience with socially engaged work through internships and other summer opportunities. Washington University offers a variety of funded programs that support students interested in taking on internships or projects during the summer. Find out more information about these programs here>>

Conferences & Organizations

If you are interested in learning more about what's happening more broadly in the world of socially engaged practice, check out these conferences and organizations>>