Options Studio: Displaying_Art: Swiss Art Institute in Saint Louis

Options Studio: Displaying_Art: Swiss Art Institute in Saint Louis
A46 511 ARCH / A46 512 ARCH / A46 611 ARCH
May 22-July 28, 2017
MTWF 1:30-5:30p
Instructor: Jan Ulmer

The summer studio will design a Swiss Art Institute in the heart of DeMun, a dense neighborhood close to Washington University. Based on a given program, students will design a house that is precisely tailored to occupy the last available site in the area. Working on a site that is surrounded by three streets, the address of the house becomes an important question. The student will design a building scheme with a clear pure form like a diagram, that fits perfectly in the given situation. The hybrid program contains rooms of different characters, ranging from very public to absolutely private. Establishing meaningful connections, students should create synergies and various scenarios between the functions of the house. The goal is to create a specific ambiance that gives this institution a unique identity.

The studio will focus on the various displays of art, hosting unlimited forms of happenings. The goal is to create a platform that is open to everyone, a place of exchange and inspiration. The ambiguity of the program makes you think about the expression of the building: should it look like a guesthouse or a museum, a pavilion or a temple, a salon or a white cube, or all in one? The course will integrate construction, material, and building technologies in the very beginning of the design process. The goal is to create coherent projects where construction, detail, and materialization of the building refers to the concept of the architectural intervention of the city scale.