Special Topics: Solar Decathlon 2017: Constructing & Materializing

Special Topics: Solar Decathlon 2017: Constructing & Materializing
A46 530D
May 23-July 6, 2017
TTh 9a-Noon
Instructors: Ryan Abendroth, Steve Bannes, & Pablo Moyano

This summer course will focus on the construction phase of the Solar Decathlon house. Based on the conceptual design developed in fall 2015 and further refinement performed in spring 2016, fall 2016, and spring 2017, the students will actively participate in the construction and materialization of the project.

This course provides students an opportunity to intensify their understanding of design/constructability issues by active participation in the project realization, and interaction with industry professionals. Students will learn the applicable fundamentals of construction systems while achieving a solid background on principles of prefabrication design, including precast concrete and light-gauge steel technologies. Students will learn the methodology of prefab construction systems, including theories and concepts of prefabrication, real-world applications, common dimensions, manufacturing process, material and physical properties, assemblies, transportation, environmental performance, and general design issues. Students will participate in meetings with consultants involved in the building's materialization. Students will experience methods and procedures of executing prefabricated building enclosure and interior components, which will be manufactured by students with the help of faculty and key industry partners in this project. Students will participate in the installation of the plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems and PV panels' technologies.

The team will interact with Barry Greenberg, architect of record and principal at Architectural Design Guild (ADG), a local architectural firm that will help with the architectural, structural, and mechanical systems of the project. The firm will also assist the team with revision of the construction documents. Roy Wall, the project's structural engineer, will also work closely with the team.