Laskey Charrette

2018 Laskey Charrette. Photo by Whitney Curtis.

The Laskey Charrette honors Professor Emeritus Leslie J. Laskey and his singular approach to design education during his 35-year tenure at Washington University. For this intensive, weekend-long workshop, sophomore architecture students work in teams to brainstorm ideas for a given design challenge. Their final designs are exhibited and reviewed, with a jury of faculty awarding prizes. The charrette is presented annually by Studio L in collaboration with the College of Architecture and Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design.

Artist, writer, and lecturer Ian Monroe, BFA95, served as the moderator for the 2018 Laskey Charrette, issuing the design challenge, "The World Needs a New Network." Our commercial, digital, political, and transport networks have had major successes, but all are also facing huge problems. As the architects of tomorrow, you will be forming the structures and therefore infrastructures of the future. Can you invent a new network? Students were asked to do three things: 1) Propose a new global network; 2) Make one (or more) objects that are evidence of it already existing; 3) Create a one-page conspiracy website that reveals further evidence of this network.

First prize (which included $1,500), went to the team of John Adrian Anak Christopher, Sebastian Bernal, and Wentao Guo. Honorable mentions were awarded to the team of Dylan Chan, Qian Huang, Philipp Kentner, and Thomas Spalter; and to the team of Yutong Ma, Graham McAllister, and Taili Zhuang.

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Past Winners

Three winning teams
Team A: Caroline Amstutz, Martine Kushner, KJ Jiaheng Kuang, and Rodrigo Poma.
Team B: Jenna Schnitzler, Marcellus Johnson, Katie Engelmeyer, and Tiffany Zheng.
Team C: Maddie Farrer, Corrina Thompson, Eleanor Knowles, and Mesha Bisarya. 

Moderator: Elizabeth O'Donnell, AIA, associate dean of The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture of The Cooper Union
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First Prize: Team of Gus Anderson, Eve Bobrow, and Qin Ye Chen

Honorable mentions: Team of Kristen Patino, Yulin Peng, and Rebecca Resnic; team of Jenny Li, Mingxi Li, and Yin Li.

Moderator: Erik M. Hemingway, associate professor of design in the School of Architecture at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and principal of hemingway+a/studio
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First prize: Team of Aria Griffin, Nina Lang, and Alicia Morris.

Honorable mentions (book awards): Team of Ciara Hackman, James McClanahan, and Lucas Rasmussen; team of Jack Lynch and Joshua Stevens.

Moderators: Rick and Laura Brown, co-founders of Handshouse Studio
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First prize: Team of Benjamin Aiken, Olivia Bolton, and Guangdi Yao.

Honorable mentions: Team of Elizabeth Brown, Carley Ream, and Min Suk Yang; team of Ailing Zhang and Jie Fu.

Moderator: Ted Krueger, associate professor of architecture, Rensselaer Institute
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First prize: Team of Casey Federbusch (art), Taylor Halamka (architecture), Edenton Lewis (art), and Caitlin Watanasiri (art).

Book awards: Two teams, featuring Alexandra Chiu (art), Rebecca Curtis (architecture), Grace Davis (architecture), Shira Grosman (architecture), Isaac Howell (art), Patricia Kilbride (art), Wonjin Son (art), and Maya Theus (art).

Moderator: Mehrdad Hadighi, founder and principal, Studio for Architecture; Stuckeman Chair of Integrative Design and head of the Department of Architecture, Pennsylvania State University
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First prize: Team of Eric Zuckerman (Architecture), Ben Zunkeler (Architecture), Anna Darling (Architecture), and Cherise Matthew (Art) for "Felt Detergent."

Book award: Team of Grant McCracken (Architecture), Nicole Yen (Art), Weiqian Liu (Architecture), and Martin Lockman (Architecture) for "Principa Mathematica."

Honorable mentions: Team of Elaine Stokes (Architecture), Adam Strobel (Architecture), and Elizabeth Korb (Art) for "Tangerine Peel;" team of Allison Balogh (Architecture), Quamesha Brown (Art/Architecture), Jordan Rapp (Architecture), Elliot Petterson (Architecture), and Esther Hamburger (Art) for "Log;" and team of Stephanie Silva (Architecture), Sam Stapleton (Architecture), Claudia Frolova (Art), and Madeleine Docherty (Art) for "Rainbow Reproduction."

Moderator: Kyna Leski, professor and head of architecture, Rhode Island School of Design; principal, 3SIXØ Architecture
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Graduate architecture students Lavender Tessmer and Andrea Fisk for "Hang-Out."

Graduate architecture students Akshita Sivakumar and Stephen Kim for "100+."
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