Elizabeth S. Schmerling Endowed Scholarship

The Elizabeth S. Schmerling Endowed Scholarship

Sponsored by Jonathan and Veronica Schmerling and their son, Bruce Schmerling, in memory of Elizabeth Schmerling, BS03

The Elizabeth S. Schmerling Endowed Scholarship was established in memory of Elizabeth Schmerling, who graduated from Washington University in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture. Elizabeth excelled in her studies and sought to help others study and understand the field she so loved. She continued her academic career at the University of Pennsylvania with the goal of earning master's degrees in both architecture and landscape architecture. Shortly after embarking on her graduate school studies, Elizabeth was diagnosed with brain cancer. For nineteen months, while courageously pursuing treatment, she stayed focused on her graduate studies and a life filled with architecture. Elizabeth died on April 26, 2005, when she was 23 years old. Her parents and brother chose to honor her memory by establishing an endowed scholarship at Washington University.

The Elizabeth S. Schmerling Endowed Scholarship is a prestigious award that provides financial support for talented rising seniors who are on track to earn a bachelor's degree in architecture. The scholarship is awarded annually to one or more recipients. Selection is determined by a committee of four faculty based on superior academic performance and scholarship; innovative thought and approaches to the science and art of architecture; and a commitment to the study and understanding of architecture that serves as an inspiration to professors and peers alike.

In addition to the scholarship, each recipient receives a significant architecture book as a memento to enhance their lifelong library. The book includes a custom-made bookplate, designed by two prior scholarship recipients, that is inscribed with each recipient’s name and the date the scholarship was awarded.

Current Recipients

Caroline Amstutz
Madeleine Farrer
Jack Freedman

Past Recipients

Megan M. (Eder) Chafin, 2005
Nathaniel Gregory Felder, 2005
Anisa Baldwin Metzger, 2005
Daniel Adam LaRossa, 2006
Carolyn Ruth Wong, 2006
Andrew Harrison Stern, 2007
Hok Kang, 2008
Andrew John Sternad, 2008
Daniel Henry Bor DuGoff, 2009
James Patrick Peraino, 2009
Laura E. Siebenaler, 2009
Miriam Leah Keller, 2010
Michael Robert Pope, 2010
Aric Skurdal, 2010
Donesh Ferdowsi, 2011
Krista Merrill, 2011
John David Scott, 2011
David Hamm, 2012
Julia Roberts, 2012
Lydia Slocum, 2012
Reed Miller, 2013
Elaine Stokes, 2013
Adam Strobel, 2013
Alexander Clouser, 2014
Sophie Donta, 2014
Kayla Kroot, 2014
Hae Rin (Sandra) Moon, 2015
Erin Wong, 2015
Ailing Zhang, 2015
Aria Griffin, 2016
Rachel LeFevre, 2016
Tianyi Zhang, 2016
Qin Ye Chen, 2017
Rebecca Resnic, 2017
Jie (Ryan) Wu, 2017


Gifts in memory of Elizabeth Schmerling may be made through Washington University's online giving form or through the mail in care of:

The Elizabeth S. Schmerling Endowed Scholarship
Attn: Aly Abrams
Washington University in St. Louis
One Brookings Drive, Box 1202
St. Louis, MO 63130

For more information about the Elizabeth S. Schmerling Endowed Scholarship, contact:

Aly Abrams
Senior Associate Director of Development
Washington University in St. Louis
One Brookings Drive, Box 1202
St. Louis, MO 63130