Art student Erin McLear drawing from the cathedral dome in Florence. 2011 Florence Summer Program. Photo by Igor Marjanovic.

The Sam Fox School sponsors several international programs that give students in both art and architecture the opportunity to spend the summer studying in Europe.

The Florence Summer Program provides all Washington University students, as well as students from other universities, the opportunity to study art or architecture in Italy.

The Berlin Summer Program—offered biannually to Sam Fox School MFA students and rising seniors in the undergraduate program, as well as recent BFA graduates—is a seminar- and studio-based class that explores the international contemporary art center of Berlin, Germany.

The Summer Travel Drawing Program, offered biannually and open to rising juniors and seniors in both Architecture and Art, introduces students to meaningful historic and contemporary developments in architecture and urbanism through the direct and comparative experience of travel and sketching.

The Barcelona Summer Program gives graduate architecture students the opportunity to learn in a Spanish city whose impressive portfolio of architecture—from medieval to contemporary—and urban design makes it one of the most attractive cities in the world.