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MFA-VA Faculty Q&As

Each of the MFA-VA faculty mentors has an extraordinary set of skills, knowledge, and expertise. Get to know their strengths, quirks, and secret weapons in these unconventional interviews.

Jamie Adams

Painting + Drawing

b. Pittsburgh, PA

Lisa Bulawsky

Printmaking + Public Art

b. Sunnyvale, CA

Carmon Colangelo

Printmaking + Watercolor

b. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Amy Hauft

Sculpture + Installation

b. Cincinnati, OH

Meghan Kirkwood


b. Amherst, MA

Arny Nadler


b. Chicago, IL

Patricia Olynyk

Media Arts, Installation, + Critical Studies

b. Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Tim Portlock

Digital Prints + Animation

b. Chicago, IL

Jack Risley

Large-Scale Sculpture

b. Middletown, CT

Denise Ward-Brown

Film, Video, + Sculpture

b. Yeadon, PA

Cheryl Wassenaar

Painting, Sculpture, Design, & Installation

b. Grand Rapids, MI

Monika Weiss

Video, Sound, Performance, & Public Projects

b. Warsaw, Poland

Heather Bennett

HBB for Krista, 2020