Map of St. Louis County waterways.

Public Presentation: XTreme LA Challenge

November 8, 2017
Lewis Center, 721 Kingsland Ave.

WashU's Master of Landscape Architecture program is joining forces with Landscape Forms, an international firm, to host the ninth annual XTreme LA (Landscape Architecture) Challenge.

Each year Landscape Forms sponsors the design workshop in a different city. Working with the local institutions they identify a theme, and then set the young designers loose on the topic. The designers are formed into teams, and at the end of the workshop each team presents its solution to the design challenge they have been set, and makes them available to the communities they have worked in.

Taking place November 6-8, this year's three-day workshop will focus on the topic of water, and involve 25-30 young design professionals and students. The site identified for the project is in Wells Goodfellow, and consists of the area earmarked by the MSD and the Green City Coalition for conversion to green public open space. Using data, maps, surveys, current planning studies, regulatory guidelines, direct inspection of land areas, and information provided by local officials, participants will create solutions for the following challenge: Design a resilient green infrastructure system that addresses biodiversity, habitat, public health, and quality of life for residents.

Members of the general public are invited to attend the final presentation of deliverables from noon-1:45p November 8.

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