Zoe Grieze, "The Thicket," Bambi collection and digital video

BFA in Art Capstone Presentations

April 27, 2018
Kemp Auditorium, Givens Hall

Seniors in pursuing a BFA in Art will deliver their capstone presentations in Kemp Auditorium in Givens Hall on Friday, April 27. Open to the public.

Morning Sessions

8:45a: Hailey Nathel

8:55a: Viola Bordon

9:05a: Jessica Wen

9:15a: Ryan Brandt

9:30a: Clement Stanback

9:50a: Zoie Brown

10:00a: Serena Silver

10:10a: Savannah Bustillo

10:20a: Sihyun Max Shin

Afternoon Sessions

1:30p: Isabelle Davis

1:40p: Hille Sennott

1:50p: Lian Giloth

2p: Lydia Seaman

2:10p: Zoe Grieze

2:20p: Kae Schwalber

2:40p: Rachel Hertzman

2:50p: Caroline Schmidt

3p: Sarah Kaplan

3:10p: Shane Rossi

3:20p: Kay Lee

3:40p: Yuwei Pan

3:50p: Seth Lewis

4p: Anna Olson

4:10p: Andrew Monborne

4:20p: Sarah Oakley