Anova Lecture for Landscape Architecture: Nina-Marie Lister

April 21, 2016
6p Reception; 6:30p Lecture
Nina-Marie Lister
Steinberg Auditorium

Nina-Marie Lister will deliver the Anova Lecture for Landscape Architecture, titled Resilience Beyond Rhetoric - Design for a New Sustainability.

Nina-Marie Lister is graduate program director and associate professor in the School of Urban + Regional Planning at Ryerson University in Toronto. A Registered Professional Planner (MCIP, RPP) trained in ecology, environmental science and landscape planning, she is the founding principal of PLANDFORM, a creative studio practice exploring the relationship between landscape, ecology, and urbanism. Lister’s research, teaching and practice focus on the confluence of landscape infrastructure and ecological processes within contemporary metropolitan regions, with a particular focus on resilience and adaptive systems design. At Ryerson University, she founded and directs the Ecological Design Lab, a collaborative innovation incubator for ecological design research and practice, and an experimental generator in rapid prototyping for resilience. She is co-editor of Projective Ecologies (with Chris Reed, Harvard and ACTAR Press, 2014) and The Ecosystem Approach: Complexity, Uncertainty, and Managing for Sustainability (with David Waltner-Toews and the late James Kay, Columbia University Press, 2008), and author of more than 40 professional practice and scholarly publications. 

Her work has also been featured in many international exhibitions, including the 2016 Venice Architectural Biennale in which Lister is a collaborator on Canada's entry entitled EXTRACTION—a critical examination of Canada’s role as a global resource empire, featuring an installation, film and book exploring the ecologies and territories of resource extraction. Locally, Lister is curator and director of a public exhibition on wildlife, infrastructure and urbanism: XING: (Re)Connecting Landscapes launched in Toronto at Evergreen Brick Works in 2013 and is now on permanent exhibit at the Toronto Zoo. In recognition of her international leadership in ecological design, Lister was awarded Honourary Membership in the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Anova Lecture for Landscape Architecture

This series of lectures in landscape architecture is sponsored by Anova, an innovator in the manufacturing of site furnishings for more than forty years. Previous lecturers in the series have included Adriaan Geuze, Kate Orff, Chris Reed, Susannah Drake, and Matthew Coolidge.

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Resilience, seen here as a function of social-ecological system conditions, is described  metaphorically as a ball in a changing basin. the basin represents a set of states that share similar functions, structures, and feedbacks. Though the location of the ball remains the same, changes in the surrounding conditions bring about a shift in state. Redrawn by Marta Brocki and adapted from Walker, Brian, C.S. Holling, Stephen R. Carpenter, and Ann Kinzig, "Resilience, Adaptability and Transformability in Social-ecological Systems," Ecology and Society, Vol. 9, No. 2 (December 2004).