2021 BFA in Communication Design Capstone Exhibition

April 26, 2021 - April 30, 2021
Steinberg Hall Gallery

An in-person exhibition of books, posters, animatics, and websites representing the culminating body of work for the BFA in Communication Design seniors will be on view in Steinberg Hall Gallery, accompanied by an online exhibition.

Featured students: Kyla Anderson, Brooke Adler, Aliyah Blackburn, Lucy Chen, Camryn Cogshell, Amie Deng, Jefferson Duan, Marie Foss, Arianna Goldman, Ciara Greene, Kirsten Holland, Lauren Jin, Cheryl Kao, Alex Koehl, Priya Kral, Ashley Lee, Diana Lee, Dongyoon Lee, Miles "Bread" Lee, Minju Lee, Andriana Levytsky, Trevor McKee, Charlotte Milbauer, Zoe Newton, Alec O’Brien, Griffin Orser, Grace Park, Taylor Pirtle, Arthur Santoro, Nat Thomas, Helen Xiu, and Erin Yonak.

Capstone faculty: Amy Auman, Jonathan Hanahan, and John Hendrix

Assistant in Insturction: Taylor Dow (MFA-IVC)

Chair of undergraduate design: Aggie Toppins