Chinese-Language Tour: Picasso, Cubism, and the Transformation of Perception

July 24, 2020
8 pm (CT)


巴勃罗·毕加索是20世纪最知名的艺术家之一。他不仅颠覆了传统绘画艺术的范式,与另一位艺术家乔治·布拉克一起开创了「立体主义」这种别具一格的绘画风格,他还凭借着丰富多样的作品(绘画、拼贴画、雕塑)革新了大众观看艺术品、乃至观看世界的方式。华大的Kemper Art Museum拥有多位立体主义艺术家的藏品,包括毕加索的多件油画、拼贴画、版画和花瓶、圆盘等雕塑作品,以及同样具有重要影响的布拉克和格里斯的画作。在本次导览中,艺术史及考古学系博士生戴悦和UCCA尤伦斯当代艺术中心展览部总监郭希将一同讨论「立体主义」这一现代艺术运动,以及它是如何改变了大众观看艺术的方式,从而让大家更能理解现代艺术。

本次线上导览将于7月24日(周五,晚8点)在Zoom平台举行,请提前预约注册。如有任何疑问,欢迎咨询导览员戴悦(邮箱,微信daiyue763)或美术馆工作人员Olivia Mendelson (邮箱。

The Kemper Art Museum has a rich collection of Cubist artworks, including paintings, collages, prints, and ceramics by Pablo Picasso, as well as works by Georges Braque and Juan Gris. In this Zoom tour, Yue Dai, PhD student in the Department of Art History and Archaeology in Arts & Sciences, will be joined by Guo Xi, director of exhibitions at the UCCA Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing, to discuss Cubist works in the Museum collection and consider how Cubism responded to cultural, intellectual, and scientific advancements that altered the way people perceive art and the world.

This event is free and open to the public, but registration is required.

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Image credit

Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881–1973), Les femmes d'Alger (Women of Algiers), Variation N, 1955. Oil on canvas, 45 x 57 5/8". University purchase, Steinberg Fund, 1960. © Estate of Pablo Picasso / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.