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Ann Hamilton


ELOCUTION is a series of 16 unique diptychs published in 2013. Each work consists of side-by-side 24"x24" panels made from embossing, debossing, and transferring from photopolymer plate on blue garment paper, red iron oxide paper, and gampi, and is housed in an embossed bookboard folio with letterpress colophon. The prints are a process of discovery and collaboration between Ann Hamilton and Island Press that began during Ann’s one week residency in the fall of 2010 as the inaugural Arthur and Sheila Prensky Visiting Artist to Island Press and continued through the fall of 2012. During the residency, Ann worked with students in the Printmaking department to explore ideas about voice, gesture, and the act of speaking. Students read Emerson’s essay Circles, chose words from the essay that stood out to them, underlined them, and used them as the center of diagrams.

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