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Tom Friedman

Reminiscent of a teenager’s bedroom floor, Tom Friedman’s Vanishing Point, published by Island Press in 2006, consists of 25 photogravure plates. The plates are black-and-white depictions of mundane objects including a sneaker, a belt, an apple core, a dollar bill, a wallet, pants, and a sock among other cast-offs. Each object appears in receding miniature against a stark white background. In keeping with a diverse artistic practice that is impossible to pigeon-hole, Friedman’s second print, a relief, created during the Island Press residency, features a ghost-like figure dissolving into a dotted background. An image as ephemeral as Vanishing Point’s photogravure is tangible.

About the artist

Tom Friedman is a conceptual artist known for his meticulously fabricated work, including sculpture, painting, drawing, video, and installation.

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