Spring 15 Graduate Travel Grants

Photo courtesy of Adam Turl.

Posted by Shantana Stewart May 8, 2015


The Sam Fox School awarded four Graduate Student Travel Grants for its spring 2015 cycle. Given out twice each year, the grants are earmarked to support travel related to students’ research and creative activity, including attendance at regional, national, and international conferences and symposia.

"These grants provide financial support for our graduate students to travel across the country—and even internationally—in pursuit of unique educational opportunities," said Carmon Colangelo, dean of the Sam Fox School.

Grant Recipients

- Andrea Godshalk, MLA/MUD15, traveled to Manhattan, KA, in March to present the research paper Bio-centers: Ecological Sanitation and Renewable Energy Harvesting in Informal Settlements at the 2015 Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture Annual Conference.

Co-authored with lecturer Eric Zencey, the paper expanded on research Godshalk conducted in Kenya and Uganda as a 2014 Steedman Summer Travel Fellow, which focused on metabolic sanitation systems in informal urban settlements where traditional sanitation systems are not feasible. In her abstract, Godshalk makes the case for building Bio-centers, which layer multiple community service and income-generating functions into a shared ecological sanitation facility.

- Yuting Ji, MArch/MLA17, will visit Hong Kong May 12-18 to gather empirical data regarding non–Western urban landscape developments and human-centered design ethics for public spaces. Ji's theory is that when designers plan private and public spaces, they often fail to form essential relationships with community members that would allow them to take the needs of all stakeholders into account. She notes, for example, that minorities are traditionally underserved.

Ji is particularly interested in studying migrant Filipino workers who gather in public places in Hong Kong for Sunday meals. Spatial conflicts arise because the majority views this cultural tradition of hosting communal gatherings in public areas as undesirable social behavior, and the needs of Filipinos are often overlooked or dismissed in design practices. She plans to share her research findings with the Sam Fox School community as part of an exhibition in Givens Hall next academic year.

- Kellie Spano, MFA15, used her grant to travel to Los Angeles to deliver, assemble, and install two large-scale photographic works—M’Antiques (Untitled 1) and M’Antiques (Untitled 2)—at On the Ground Floor gallery as part of The Feminist Sex Shoppe. The group exhibition featured 23 emerging artists who "explore sex-positive concepts of feminism," with works that investigate the influence of family, religion, culture, politics, and education on women and their sexuality.

"I hope to establish a lasting relationship with Malika Ali, the show's curator," Spano said. "There is potential for this exhibition to launch my artistic career and simultaneously showcase the talents of the WUSTL graduate program in Los Angeles. Not to mention, this was a fantastic opportunity for me to be involved in an exhibition that highlights subject matter that suits my work."

- Adam Turl, MFA16, is an editor and writer for Red Wedge, a website and magazine dedicated to the understanding and creation of art and creativity from a revolutionary socialist perspective. The travel grant will allow him to present at the Left Forum, one of the largest annual conferences of left and progressive intellectuals in the United States, from May 29-31 in New York.

In his travel grant application, Turl noted that his presentation, Neoliberalism and the Importance of the Radical Imagination, is directly tied to his artistic practice of researching "anti-capitalist" strategies for contemporary studio art, building on the history of past art movements (Dada, Surrealism, Epic theatre, etc.), and relating them to new cultural and social conditions. He hopes to connect with other artists, activists, and academics from New York and around the world to further the conversation.