2017-18 Creative Activity Research Grants

Posted by Sam Fox School May 19, 2017


The Sam Fox School awarded five faculty its 2017-18 Creative Activity Research Grants, which encourage the pursuit of innovative new projects or the advancement of ongoing creative activity and research.

The following recipients were chosen by a jury of tenured and tenure-track faculty:

Assistant professor Chandler Ahrens is engaging in research on robotically controlled drawing fabrication, which will include building and coding a basic CNC machine with students.

Assistant professor Chrissi Cowhey is continuing research on how graphic design can empower cultural institutions to effect social awareness thorough the use of public poster/newspaper installations.

Professor Douglas B. Dowd is completing the publication of his manuscript Stick Figures: Symbolic Drawing and Graphic Practice, scheduled to be printed in 2018.

Senior lecturer Pablo Moyano is researching concrete as a construction material, specifically ways to reduce the weight and ways to push the material to its limits by creating the thinnest possible layer of concrete.

Future I-11 corridor, site of the primary infrastructural opportunism case Samuels will be researching with the CAR grant for her forthcoming book, Infrastructural Optimism.


Associate professor Linda C. Samuels will continue to work on her book project, Infrastructural Optimism, which investigates a new kind of twenty-first century infrastructure that is collaboratively designed, socially productive, and environmentally conscientious.