Never Been a Time

A still from Denise Ward-Brown's film Never Been a Time.

Posted by Liam Otten November 3, 2017


Never Been a Time, a documentary film by associate professor Denise Ward-Brown, will be screened Sunday, November 5, as part of the 26th annual St. Louis International Film Festival.

The film traces a line from the 1917 East St. Louis, Illinois, race riot through the civil rights movement to the 2014 protests in Ferguson, Missouri, over the shooting death of Michael Brown, and the 2017 protests in Minnesota over the shooting death of Philando Castile.

Never Been a Time will be featured as part of Mean Streets: Viewing the Divided City Through the Lens of Film and Television. The five-day program explores how film and television reflect—both consciously and unconsciously—problems within U.S. society, including the overt and covert racism that has long segregated our cities. The program is presented by Washington University Libraries, the Sam Fox School's College of Architecture and Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design, Cinema St. Louis, the Center for the Humanities in Arts & Sciences, and the Missouri History Museum, in conjunction with The Divided City initiative.