2018 Laskey Charrette

Posted by Stephanie Schlaifer February 12, 2018


We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 Laskey Charrette:

1st place award ($1,500):

Team No. 5:
John Adrian Anak Christopher
Sebastian Bernal
Wentao Guo

Honorable mentions:

Team No. 2
Dylan Chan
Qian Huang
Philipp Kentner
Thomas Spalter

Team No. 8
Yutong Ma
Graham McAllister
Taili Zhuang

This year’s Laskey Charrette was moderated by artist, writer, and lecturer Ian Monroe (BFA95), who issued the design challenge, "The World Needs a New Network."

Our commercial, digital, political, and transport networks have had major successes, but all are
also facing huge problems. As the architects of tomorrow, you will be forming the structures and
therefore infrastructures of the future. Can you invent a new network?

The 2018 Laskey Charrette will ask you to do three things:

1) Propose a new global network

2) Make one (or more) objects that are evidence of it already existing.

3) Create a one page conspiracy website that reveals further evidence of this network

The Laskey Charrette honors Professor Emeritus Leslie J. Laskey and his singular approach to design education during his 35-year tenure at Washington University. For this intensive, weekend-long workshop, sophomore architecture students work in teams to brainstorm ideas for a given design challenge. Their final designs are exhibited and reviewed, with a jury of faculty awarding prizes. The charrette is presented annually by Studio L in collaboration with the College of Architecture and Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design.

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