Fox Fridays

Pulp Fiction: Painting with Paper workshop led by lecturer Michael Powell. Photo: Audrey Westcott.

Posted by Sam Fox School August 30, 2019


Check out the workshop schedule for spring 2020 | View photos from some of the fall 2019 workshops

The Sam Fox School is excited to launch Fox Fridays, a new initiative aimed at creating a culture of play, experimentation, and cross-disciplinary making and dialogue on campus.

Each Friday during the academic year, the School will host a free workshop that transforms a particular resource facility or tool space into a classroom for exploration. These workshops are intended to provide quick, effortless, and fun investigations into mediums and tools that might not ordinarily find their way into your studio practice.

Prior experience in a given area is not required—in fact, that’s the point. The goal is to provide an easy introduction to new tools, techniques, and processes, and make it easier for students across disciplines to access the vast array of making spaces and resources across the School.

"Fox Fridays gives students opportunities to learn from different types of makers in an environment free of the stress and anxiety of studio production," said assistant professor Jonathan Hanahan, co-chair of Fox Fridays with Heather Woofter, the Sam and Marilyn Fox Professor and director of the College of Architecture and Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design. "It encourages the development of communities and collaborations that bridge traditional disciplines and establishes relationships outside of defined studio practices."

The first workshop on Image Making in Photoshop, led by instructional technology specialist Tom Moore, will kick off September 6. Other workshops for the semester include Pulp Fiction: Painting with Paper, Generative Modeling: Rhino and Grasshopper, Alginate Body Casting, Laser Cutting, Drone Photography, and Textile Surface Design with Natural Dyes.

Workshops are first-come, first-served and open to all Sam Fox School students, faculty, and staff, though priority is given to first-year undergraduate and graduate students. If space is available, students from outside the Sam Fox School are welcome to attend. The workshops are free; no credit is given. Signup is available through the Fox Fridays website.