Students Featured in Varsity Art XXIV

Works by Jina Hyun (left) and Libby Evan. Full caption below.

Posted by Liam Otten February 28, 2020


Senior Libby Evan and junior Jina Hyun are representing the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis in Varsity Art XXIV. The annual exhibition, which opens February 28, is hosted by Art St. Louis and features work by undergraduate and graduate students from St. Louis college- and university-level art programs.

Evan’s Energyaid (allergic to exercise) (2019) is a 36-inch-tall mixed media sculpture resembling a plastic energy drink bottle. "When the electrolytes and sugar surge through my body, I get the ever-smaller boost of function on which I depend to get through my worst days," Evan wrote in her artist statement. The piece "pays homage to that plastic bottle while transforming it to reflect how I see it. My energy drink is large, comforting, soft, and huggable."

Hyun described her video The Opus Diptych (2019) as "a visual couplet to represent an internal struggle translating something as abstract as emotional trauma into a concrete form." Employing quick, non-narrative cuts, the piece explores themes of love, guilt, and trauma as well as "the formal elements of filmmaking with emphasis on self-contained rhythm."

Art St. Louis is located at 1223 Pine Ave. A public reception will take place from 6-8p Friday, March 6. The exhibition will remain on view through March 26. For more information, visit

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(left) Jina Hyun, stills from The Opus Diptych, 2019. Video. (right) Libby Evan, Energyaid (allergic to exercise), 2019. Screenprint on fabric, stuffing, mat board, and serving platter, 41x 36".