Widmann Prize Digital Exhibitions

Posted by Sam Fox School April 1, 2020


Awarded annually, the Frederick Widmann Prize honors Sam Fox School students who have shown high levels of academic achievement and design ability. The award is given in honor of Frederick Widmann, an architect and philanthropist who studied at Washington University.

Check out these digital exhibitions of work by the architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design students who are nominees for this year's award at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Graduate Widmann Exhibition

Undergraduate Widmann Exhibition

About Frederick Widmann

Frederick Widmann came to the United States from Germany in 1874 and settled in St. Louis, where, after serving three years as an apprentice carpenter, he studied architecture as an apprentice with the firm of Walsh and Jungenfeld and at Washington University. In 1884, the firm became Widmann & Walsh, of which he was the active head until his death. Widmann designed many large industrial plants, public buildings, and some of the largest breweries in the country, including the Anheuser-Busch plants in St. Louis, Omaha, San Antonio, Houston, Chicago, and New York. His chief recreation was in making hazardous journeys to remote and heretofore inaccessible regions. A man of powerful physique, he climbed Mt. Rainier in his sixtieth year, and between 1883 and 1923, he repeatedly explored the Utah asphalt and oil shale fields, where the Widmann canyon, named for him, is located in one of the wildest parts.