2020 Emerson Excellence in Teaching Awards

Assistant professor Constance Vale (center) with students in studio in March 2019.

Posted by Emily Wasserman October 26, 2020


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The Center for Teaching and Learning at Washington University in St. Louis has announced the 2020 Emerson Award honorees.

Each year, Emerson recognizes teachers throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area with an Excellence in Teaching Award. This award recognizes educators for their leadership in and passion for teaching, their contributions to student learning, and their knowledge and creativity.

Awards are typically given during Emerson’s Excellence in Teaching reception each November, but this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Emerson will deliver the awards to honorees. The company will also run a commemorative advertisement with awardees’ names in the November 22, 2020 issue of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Washington University honorees are nominated by the deans of their respective schools and by The Center for Teaching and Learning.

This year’s honorees are:
Constance Vale (Sam Fox School)
Krista Milich (Arts & Sciences)
Ignacio Infante (Arts & Sciences)
ShiNung Ching (Engineering)
Matthew Lew (Engineering)
Patricia Weisensee (Engineering)
Ashley Hardin (Olin)

View past award honorees and learn more on the Center for Teaching and Learning website.