PXSTL Program Grants

Lots, proposal image courtesy of Freecell Architecture.

Thirteen projects receive grants from The Pulitzer

Posted by April 23, 2014

The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts has announced the thirteen recipients of its grants for public programs taking place at the site of the inaugural PXSTL installation May 9 through October 5, 2014.

PXSTL, a collaboration between the Sam Fox School and the Pulitzer, was initiated to explore how small-scale interventions can spur long-term revitalization, and to provide the public with an outdoor space for cultural activity in the heart of the Grand Center neighborhood. The winning design by Freecell Architecture—entitled Lots as a reference to the quantity of people, events, and activity intended for the previously vacant site—is a metal grid superstructure with an adjustable fabric canopy.

As part of the installation, the Pulitzer has awarded grants of up to $1,500 to local individuals, community groups, and organizations for programing proposals that activate the site and explore the idea of exchange.

The grant recipients, listed below, will discuss their projects as part of the PXSTL Opening Celebration, which takes place from 7-9p May 9.

We Find Lots
October 3
Pockets of Wonder: Em Piro, Margaret Wilson, & Blaire Hamilton

Taking place throughout Grand Center and ending at the PXSTL site, this performance combines modern dance, music, pantomime, and regional culture into an original production.

FoodSpark: Creative SoapBox
5-7p July 20
Aaron McMullin, De Andrea Nichols, & Emily Bornstein

Challenges the local artist community to generate ideas that bring St. Louis social issues to the forefront of creative expression through the exchange of ideas and food.

Pop-Up Museum: STL Style
Noon September 7
Kathryn Adamchick & Lisa Harper Chang

A temporary exhibit created by eight curators, each exhibiting an object or collection that represents a uniquely St. Louis approach to music, fashion, architecture, or food.

Reflections with Paul
July 7-13
Paul ArtSpace: Michael Behle & David Johnson

Creating an opportunity for pause and reflection in the urban setting by installing hammocks, life-size photographic prints of the natural environment, and an audio element of nature sounds.

Transformation: Making Paper from Plants, Making Art through Interaction
10a August 23
Gateway Greening: Megan Singleton & Hannah Reinhart

A tutorial of the paper making process, a paper pulp painting activity, and an installation of the St. Louis City landscape to examine the urban nature of vacant lots as a metaphor for growth and vitality in St. Louis.

In the Midwest with Objects
September 20 & 28
Jessica Baran & Mary Jo Bang

An open portrait studio that will invite members of the public to be photographed with their favorite object. These photographs will then be exhibited at the PXSTL site.

Brave New World
October 4
FarFetched: Darian Wigfall & Damon Davis

A music event that will span multiple genres including rock, funk, soul, hip hop, and more to reflect the city’s wide range of talent.

PXSTL Marks the Spot
St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra: Jay Perry & Jessica Ingraham
A chamber rock music performance consisting of contemporary pop pieces selected by Youth Orchestra musicians in response to the museums and galleries located in the Grand Center District.

Bread for Work
August 15-17
Alex Elmestad & Sean Starowitz

Edible bread tokens will be offered to the public in return for goods or services creating an exchange similar to a time bank, while providing the public with substantial nourishment for their work.

Visualizing Density
September 25-27
UIC and Next STL - Sarah Gibson, Brent Crittenden & Alex Ihnnen

Creating a series of interactive three-dimensional maps of St. Louis in which multiple densities are explored over several days where St. Louisans will have the opportunity to build the city and generate energy around St. Louis.

Mindfulness Day
September 13
Buddhist Council of Greater St. Louis

Teaching mindfulness through meditation under expert guidance and a panel discussion with a Q&A session in hopes of contributing to a stress-free, happy, and productive society.

Urban Drum Circle
May 24
Andrew Scheinman

An interactive installation of drum kits made from a variety of found objects and traditional percussion instruments, inviting the public—from passersby to professionals —to engage through music.

United Story: Interaction
1-3p June 21
Catalysts by Design - De Andrea Nichols, Cambrie Nelson, & Emily Bornstein

Questioning community interactivity with activities inspired by the Delmar Divide, the antisocial influence of social media and technology, mental health, and a love of social interventions.

Stay tuned for additional updates about program dates and times.