Minors in Studio Art+Design

Our minors in studio art and design focus on a range of ways of making and seeing, which supplement other areas of study across the campus and even within the Sam Fox School. These minors are open to students from all WashU undergraduate divisions and consist of 15 credits of course work.

Each semester, you can use the "SEARCH" function in the online course listings in WebSTAC to look for classes that count toward a Minor in Studio Art or Minor in Design. Follow these steps:
- Make sure the "Semester" field is set to the semester for which you are registering.
- Set the "School" field to either Art OR Design & Visual Arts (for Drawing I and II)
- Leave the "Department" field set to "Any Department."
- For Minor in Art courses, click in the "Attributes" box and scroll through the list. Select "(Art) FAAM-FA Art Minor," then click on "Search."
- For Minor in Design Courses, click in the "Attributes" box and scroll through the list. Select "(Art) FADM-FA Design Minor," then click on "Search."

Minor in Design

The Minor in Design allows students to mix and match courses in areas such as communication design, fashion design, and the illustrated book studio to suit interests and schedules. Courses include:

Advertising Design
Advertising I
Advertising in the Digital Age
History of Advertising

Designing Creativity
Digital Evolutions: Parametric Design for a Fabricated Species

Book Design
Book Arts: Art Practice (The Visual Book)
Books as Lens: Photography and Books
Introduction to Bookbinding
Introduction to Letterpress
Urban Books

Design History
Commerical Modernism in America
History of Communication Design

Digital Design
Digital Design
Digital Studio

Fashion Design
2-D Fashion Design—Foundation
3-D Fashion Design—Foundation
Digital Fashion & Textile Design
Experimental Fashion Design
Fashion History and Research
Fashion Illustration: Visualizing Apparel
Fiber Manipulation
Intro to Fashion: Materials, Volume + the Body
Patternmaking and Production
Sustainable Textile and Fashion Design
Textile Design

Graphic Design
2-D Design
Color Systems
Communication Design I
Communication Design II
Data Visualization
Typography I
Typography II
Typography & Letterform: The Design of Language
Word & Image I
Word & Image II

Basic Illustration
Drawing I
The Licensed Image
Pictures for Communication

Interaction Design
Interaction Design: Applications for Public Health
Interaction Design: Understanding Health and Well-Being
Interaction Foundations

Motion Design
Advanced Animation
Introduction to Animating in Three Dimensions

Topics: Illustration as Practice; Research Methods in Human-Centered Design; Service Design; Interaction Design: Layout Systems; Relational, Conditional, and Process-Oriented Design; Studies in Modern Design from Print to Pixel; Fashion Design: Collaboration Studio; Fashion Design: Fashion and Race; Visual Culture: Introduction to Illustration Studies.

College of Art students who are majoring in art are also eligible to minor in design. For questions about the Minor in Design, contact Audra Hubbell (ahubbell@wustl.edu).

Minor in Studio Art

The Minor in Studio Art allows students to take courses from across the art curriculum, or to cluster their courses in a single disciplinary area. Courses include:

Foundation/Art Major Courses
2-D Design
3-D Design
Digital Design or Digital Studio
Drawing I
Drawing II
Drawing: Art Practice
Painting: Art Practice
Painting Studio: Material & Culture
Photography: Art Practice
Photography Studio: Material & Culture
Printmaking: Art Practice
Printmaking Studio: Material & Culture
Public Practice: Art Practice
Sculpture: Art Practice
Sculpture Studio: Material & Culture
Time-Based Media: Art Practice

Art Electives
Architectural Photography
Beyond Words, Beyond Images: Representation After History
Black & White Photography
Ceramics Elective
Digital Photography I
Drawing in Italy (summer)
History of Photography
Hybrid Media I
Hybrid Media II
Intermediate Photography
Kinetic Image/Digital Video
Kinetic Image: Video Art & Theory
Painting Elective
Photography II
Photography in Italy (summer)
Printmaking Elective
Sculpture: Blacksmithing
Sculpture: Foundry
Sculpture: Metal Fabrication
Sculpture: Wood
Special Topics in Drawing, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, and Hybrid Media

Sam Fox School Commons
Color Systems
Digital Filmmaking: City Stories
Furniture Design

College of Art students who are majoring in communication design or fashion design are also eligible to minor in art. For questions about the Minor in Art, contact Monika Weiss (monikaweiss@wustl.edu).

Minor in Creative Practice for Social Change

Open to all undergraduate students across Washington University, the minor in Creative Practice for Social Change provides students with a deeper understanding of how to use creative practices in art, design, and architecture to address systemic economic, environmental, and social challenges. Creativity is an essential component of social change, particularly in creating new systems and solutions, understanding the fundamental constraints of a challenge, and leading the process of change. Creative practice can encompass a broad array of production methods, including printmaking, sculpture, fashion design, communication design, architecture, landscape architecture, planning, and performance, among others. Prior experience in art or design is not necessary.
More information >>

Minor in Human-Computer Interaction

Open to all undergraduate students across Washington University, the minor in Human-Computer Interaction provides a multidisciplinary understanding of the principles and applications of human-computer interaction. Students will be introduced to the techniques necessary to create effective user interfaces: requirements gathering, ideation, prototyping, visual design, and evaluation. Students will explore these ideas in a variety of application contexts. More information>>