CityStudioSTL Faculty Course Grants

CityStudioSTL is accepting proposals for its Faculty Course Grants. All faculty are encouraged to apply. These community-engaged teaching grants provide funding for curricular initiatives that involve collaboration with the St. Louis community. Faculty should propose collaborations involving organizations, agencies, or individuals outside of Washington University. These collaborations should be mutually beneficial; the community partner's needs should guide your project's development. Proposals may be for undergraduate or graduate courses. Proposals with long-term collaborative plans within existing courses will be prioritized.

Beginning in Spring 2020, an additional $1000 grant is being offered in partnership with the Social Policy Institute at Washington University. Proposals should address the requirements above, in addition to including curricular components that directly address increasing understanding of the policy process in relation to community-engaged practice. Preference will be given to cross-listed or interdisciplinary courses. Activities may connect community engaged practice to policy at one or more stages: problem identification, agenda setting, policy decision-making, implementation, and evaluation. Learn more about Social Policy from the Social Policy Institute here>>

DEADLINES: Applications and supporting materials must be submitted by one of the following deadlines:

Spring: 5p on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Find out more and apply through Inside Sam Fox here>>

Questions? Contact Liz Kramer, Associate Director of the Office for Socially Engaged Practice


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