Social Hour

Social Hour is an informal, collaborative space for students to come together to talk about the intersections of design, creative practice, and social life over a shared meal. These conversations bring together students from different fields—including art, communication design, architecture, landscape architecture, social work, public health, and engineering—in an open and welcoming environment to talk about what matters to them as learners and future practitioners. Social Hour provides a rare chance to talk directly to with peers about how they do the work they do, while discovering a community of students across disciplines who are interested in social engagement.

Social Hour is presented by the Office for Socially Engaged Practice in partnership with varying student organizations two to three times a semester. For more information about co-hosting a Social Hour or suggesting a topic, contact Liz Kramer (

Past Social Hour topics have included:

- What does it mean for design to be accessible? (in partnership with the WashU student chapter of Design for America)
- Exploring the intersection of design and social justice. (in partnership with Kemper Student Council)
- What constitutes a public? (in partnership with the WashU student chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects)
- What does St. Louis mean to you? (in partnership with ISSUES Magazine)
- How can we design for radicality vs. practical reform? (in partnership with Alix Gerber's course Radical Design: Making Civic Experiences)