The Master of Landscape Architecture is the professional degree required to practice as a licensed landscape architect in the United States. MLA degrees from accredited programs are internationally recognized.

There is currently a high demand for landscape architects around the world. Landscape architecture graduates work in the following fields:

  • Teaching in higher education
  • Urban and regional planning
  • Community planning
  • Landscape design and construction
  • Heritage landscape preservation, conservation, and restoration
  • Urban ecology
  • Park and recreation design and management
  • Urban design
  • Transportation systems design
  • Site engineering
  • Geographic information science
  • 3D visualization and modeling

Our graduates find careers with the following organizations:

  • US Forest Service
  • US National Park Service
  • City administrations (as landscape architects, planners, urban designers, and heritage preservationists)
  • Landscape architecture firms, large and small, doing everything from large-scale urban and infrastructure design to residential gardens
  • Sole practitioners
  • Multidisciplinary firms (working with engineers, architects, planners, and urban designers)

They collaborate with:

  • Artists and sculptors
  • Architects and civil engineers
  • Ecologists
  • Environmental engineers
  • Water feature designers
  • Road and traffic engineers
  • Urban designers and community planners
  • Social work professionals

To find out more about landscape architecture as an exciting and diverse career, visit the American Society of Landscape Architects website.