MLA Studio: To the Is-Land

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To the Is-Land
Studio 601, Fall 2016
Faculty: Jacqueline Margetts

Vieques, a small island off Puerto Rico's east coast in the Caribbean, is promoted to tourists as an untroubled tropical paradise of sand, sea, and forest, where horses roam free—an unspoiled gem and holiday heaven. The reality, however, is somewhat darker. For 30 years, until 2003, the US Navy occupied much of the island and used the north end for military maneuvers and target practice, deploying thousands of tons of munitions that included napalm bombs and highly toxic uranium-tipped ammunition. The legacy of this era is a proliferation of environmental, economic, and health problems for which the US government has been reluctant to take responsibility.

This studio led by senior lecturer Jacqueline Margetts explores options for an island-wide regenerative infrastructural strategy for Vieques that positively responds to its bioregional and geopolitical context and capitalizes on its unique island characteristics. Students find ways to direct and support the ongoing evolution of the landscape while recognizing the unique characteristics of its inhabitants and their inextricable ties to the place in which they dwell.