Alan Griswold

Monkey Deux, Joe Blaustein and the Flood of Florence, video still.

Alan Griswold, BFA96/BA96

Alan Griswold is president, founder, and co-owner of Monkey Deux, Inc., an award-winning creative agency and production company based in Los Angeles. Now in its second decade, Monkey Deux continues to build on its highly regarded reputation within the entertainment industry for producing inventive content for theatrical and television marketing, as well as creating original programming, including the upcoming short documentary Joe Blaustein and the Flood of Florence.

Born near a mountaintop in Tennessee and educated in St. Louis, Griswold succumbed to the general spirit of westward expansion to seek fame and riches in the Golden State, where he has found a mere sample of both.

Storytelling has always been at the heart of Griswold’s work—both personal and professional—and it is his long-held belief that it is the one true path to connecting people. That said, he is at least as interested in natural history and the past life of this planet as he is in anything our species has ever done, and he believes that the truth of the world lies buried in its rocks, swimming in its waters, and hiding in its shadows.

Griswold and Kim Soleau, his wife and co-owner of Monkey Deux, are active supporters of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, as well as several other museums and charities. As collaborators on all Monkey Deux projects, the couple’s most creative venture to date has been raising a new generation of Griswolds, their daughters Eva and Zoe.

Griswold continues to showcase his singular aesthetic through a variety of mediums, from photography and writing to drawing and both scripted and documentary filmmaking. His work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in Los Angeles and Chicago and is currently the subject of a mockumentary project by art critic Terrence Myers titled Genius Amongst Us, Even.

In an era of endless self-promotion and acceptable media-fueled infamy, Griswold is proud to announce he still sort of believes in the Loch Ness Monster. (But he doesn’t think it’s a plesiosaur, because he’s not an idiot.)