2019 Documentary Photography & Social Practice

  • 1-Arno
  • 2-Franchesca
  • 3-Hugh
  • 4-Lily
  • 5-Quinn
  • 6-Quinn

Documentary photography requires intentional exploration of making photographic work, including understanding the history of the genre, developing strategies for interacting with people in context, balancing ethical practices and considerations, and presenting work to new audiences who may not be familiar with the artistic process. In Documentary Photography & Social Practice, undergraduate students learned how to respond to the contemporary issues, communities, people, and landscapes that tell the stories of people. Through field trips, critiques, lectures, and lab work, students responded to the content and context they engaged with.

In their final project, the students addressed topics related to food access and security in the St. Louis region. They worked with Tosha Phonix, the Food Justice coordinator for the Missouri Coalition for the Environment (MCE), to learn about and get connected to community growers and organizers. Phonix inspired students with her commitment to making sure all St. Louis residents, regardless of zip code, have access to quality foods. In her role, Phonix supports MCE in their efforts to support the local food system, including policy change and organizing.

The student’s projects explored a range of issues, including: access to quality foods in neighborhood markets; the effects of vacancies on food access; individual growers in St. Louis, and the history of structuralized racism in the city. All projects directly explored a specific area in St. Louis, primarily in and around the Greater Ville neighborhood.

The final projects are intended to raise awareness about the food access challenges facing communities in St. Louis, as well as the community efforts to address these issues. The students work was shared with MCE, and was also exhibited at Gold Star Gallery, 707 N. Euclid Ave.

Participating Students
Arno Goetz
Franchesca Rousseas
Quinn Kernell
Elaina Echevarria
Lily Yang
Jiyoon Kang
Kristina You
Ryan Pomerantz
Rylie Walker
Hugh Hoagland
Katie Ewald
Andy Abebaw
Allison Hamburg

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