Fall 2018 CityStudioSTL Faculty Course Grants

The Sam Fox School awarded fall 2018 CityStudioSTL Faculty Course Grants to associate professor Mary Ruppert-Stroescu and doctoral candidate Andrea Godshalk. These grants support faculty and encourage community-engaged teaching in the St. Louis region, and are awarded by a jury of faculty and community engagement staff. In spring 2019, these faculty were supported for the following courses, which worked with organizations and communities in the St. Louis region.

Fashion History and Research Methods
(F10 ART 324E)
In this interdisciplinary fashion course, students explored how cultural and social influences shaped the evolution of fashion and are expressed in clothing throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. Together with first-year students at Normandy High School, students read Love, Loss, and What I Wore by Ilene Beckerman (Algonquin Books, 1995). The book tells the tale of the meaning around items of clothing for the owner, describing the slice of time surrounding the garment. The students then selected and analyzed clothing or accessories from their own wardrobe and from the wardrobe of someone from another generation. They created visual representations of the items and also wrote essays about the items’ significance. The WashU students, who came from majors including history, design, anthropology, business, and biology, traveled to Normandy High School to discuss the meaning of specific items of clothing. The Normandy students also visited to the WashU campus to participate in an exhibition and analysis of the collective work, which was compiled and edited into a book titled Clothing in Context: Unpacking Meaning.

Social Ecological Systems for Spatial Design
(A49 MUD 530A)
In this new course designed and led by Doctor of Sustainable Urbanism candidate Andrea Godshalk, students explored the theory and practical applicability of addressing climate change through a systems-thinking approach. The class evaluated climate-related challenges facing cities around the globe, documenting and highlighting strategies for adaptation and mitigation. The students’ research was captured with the intention of being able to share to a wider audience through social media and other formats that might be useful to a variety of people. Students addressed topics such as sea level rise, the cost of disasters and inaction, multimodal transportation, urban forestation, refugees, and how women and girls affect—and are affected by—climate change. At the end of the semester, the students worked with OneSTL to host a Talanoa Dialogue during the monthly Sustainability Lab on April 30, 2019.

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About CityStudioSTL

CityStudioSTL is an initiative inspired by Design for Excellence, the Sam Fox School’s 10-year strategic plan. Originally offered in partnership with Washington University's Skandalaris Center for Interdisciplinary Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Gina and Bill Wischmeyer, BA69/MArch71, this program has supported a series of community engagement and outreach projects in the city of St. Louis over the past several years. More information is available here>>

About CityStudioSTL Faculty Course Grants

CityStudioSTL Faculty Course Grants are open to all teaching faculty affiliated with the Sam Fox School. Funding may support existing community-engaged courses, adding a component of community-engaged teaching to an existing course, or developing and executing a new community-engaged course. Students must be involved in socially engaged and collaborative work with a St. Louis-based partner. Grant applications are due in the mid-fall and mid-spring semesters. More information is available here>>