Past Years

Summer 2019: Johannesburg & Kampala

The summer studio began in St. Louis, where students became familiar with the spatial patterns of Johannesburg and Gauteng and the multi-scalar issues affecting the region. They developed a comprehensive drawing set that they later verified on site and used as the base drawing for their design proposals.

They then traveled to Johannesburg to work with Ferdinand le Grange in our studio space at the Fox Street Studios in the Maboneng arts district, just east of downtown. The studio tested dual (dueling) sites at the city center (Marshalltown) and perimeter (Madderfontein) to assert new conditions of housing density, employment, ecologies, sustainability, economies, and the public realm. After engaging both sites through an intensive drawing charrette and site analysis, students began a three-week design process with a final review by critics local to Johannesburg.

Following the final review, the studio traveled to Kampala, Uganda, on the northern coast of Lake Victoria, to work on a comparative analysis of the public realm of a quickly growing and vibrant Africa city. Doreen Adengo led a drawing-intensive workshop in collaboration with students from Uganda Martyrs University Nkozi. The workshop explored Nakasero Market in downtown Kampala, and documented the innovative ways in which the use and quality of this space changes over time.

Summer 2018: Johannesburg & Kigali

This summer studio responded to human, cultural, economic, and environmental challenges and provided students the opportunity to experience and make design proposals in significant African global cities—cities that are imbued with the complexity of urban life. Students focused on the complex urban forms, social juxtapositions, and spatial apartheid that exists within Johannesburg though the examination of the M1 Rand to Reef corridor encompassing the Fordsburg, Ferreiras Dorp, and Newtown neighborhoods. They also had the opportunity to study in Kigali, Rwanda.