Fairness & Diversity Committee

Large group of people talking with each other, seen from above.
Faculty participating in Power + Privilege Workshop, 2019.

The Sam Fox School Committee for Fairness and Diversity advises the Dean’s Office on related issues including the improvement of recruitment and retention efforts; strengthening the environment for women and members of minority groups; and stimulating and responding to opportunities that promote and encourage diversity, tolerance, and equity among all groups in the Sam Fox School. 

Committee Membership for 2020-2021

Bruce Lindsey, Chair
Shantel Blakely
Elaina Echevarria (MArch)
Petra Kempf
Bomin Kim (DrSU)
Meredith Lehman
Yutong Ma (MSAS)
Samantha Modder (MFA-VA)
Arny Nadler
Tim Portlock
Shreyas Ravikrishnan
Monica Rivera
Madison Ronchetto (BFA)
Dryden Wells
Nicole Allen, ex-officio
Liz Kramer, ex-officio

Upcoming Programming

Baselines II: Sam Fox School Student, Faculty, & Staff Workshop
Wednesday, March 17, 4:30p CDT

During this interactive workshop, Sam Fox School students, faculty, and staff are invited to continue the work from the fall workshop on the development of a civility code (be cool to each other). Find more information and registration information here>>

Past Programming

Baselines 2020: Sam Fox School Student, Faculty, & Staff Workshop
Wednesday, September 30, 6p CDT

Given the weight of recent events—in our community, our nation, and in the world, from the Coronavirus pandemic to the killings of unarmed African Americans by members of the police, to an impending presidential election that is sure to highlight deep and historical divisions—the Sam Fox School Fairness and Diversity Committee hosted a workshop to discuss and hopefully establish a set of baseline principles and guidelines to create a welcoming atmosphere and a sustained sense of community for all members of the Sam Fox School. Over 70 Sam Fox School faculty, staff, and students participated in this conversation. Read the anonymous stories about experiences in the Sam Fox School here, and review and contribute to the principles discussed here.

As a follow up, the Fairness & Diversity committee is moving forward on this mission. The committee suggests, in the meantime: "Be cool to each other." 

Faculty Workshop: Power and Privilege in Critique and Review
January 10, 2020

Teaching Workshop: Foreign-Born Students
November 14, 2019

Why is Good Design So Hard to Do? Power + Privilege Talk + Workshop led by George Aye
August 21, 2019