Diversity & Inclusion Actions & Updates

As part of our work toward creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive Sam Fox School, we are committed to publicly sharing our efforts. We will regularly update the School website with our statements, responses to requests and demands, and other related documents.


Read the June 1, 2020 message from the dean, directors, and chairs to the Sam Fox School community about our commitment to social justice>>

Requests, Demands, Reports, and Responses

Read the fall 2020 update report on diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in School, January 4, 2021 [PDF]>>

Summer 2020 Sam Fox School Racial Justice Task Force

During summer 2020, a task force consisting of Sam Fox School students, alumni, faculty, and staff was appointed by the dean and the directors of art and architecture to propose an immediate response to the uprisings in the summer 2020. The group submitted a report on September 8, 2020, that curated short- and medium-term (meaning, “within the next academic year”) responses that elevate knowledge, discourse, dialogue, and action as related to the experiences and demands of Black and African American students and faculty. Sam Fox School Response, November 9, 2020 [PDF]>>

Students and alumni have called upon the School to address racial equity and justice including through the following avenues:
WashU Takes Responsibility These demands were developed by an organized group of undergraduate students in each WashU college. Sam Fox School response, September 9, 2020 [PDF]>>

Design Justice Demands These demands were developed by the Design As Protest collective, and shared with our School by alumni and students. Sam Fox School response, September 9, 2020 [PDF]>>