The following is a comprehensive list of all faculty in the College of Architecture and the Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design. To view lists of faculty by discipline, click on the menu items to the left for Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Design.


Heather Woofter, Director, College of Architecture and Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design; Sam and Marilyn Fox Professor
John Hoal, Urban Design
Sung Ho Kim, Architecture
Stephen Leet, Architecture
Bruce Lindsey, E. Desmond Lee Professor for Community Collaboration, Architecture
Adrian Luchini, Raymond E. Maritz Professor, Architecture
Igor Marjanović, JoAnne Stolaroff Cotsen Professor; Chair, Undergraduate Architecture
Robert McCarter, Ruth and Norman Moore Professor, Architecture
Eric Mumford, Rebecca and John Voyles Professor, Architecture & Urban Design
Peter Raven, George Engelmann Professor Emeritus of Botany, Landscape Architecture (courtesy appointment)

Professor of Practice

Valerie Greer, Architecture; Coordinator for Graduate Initiatives
Philip Holden, Architecture
Mónica Rivera, Architecture; Chair, Graduate Architecture
Henry Webber, Architecture & Urban Design

Associate Professor

Chandler Ahrens, Architecture
Gia Daskalakis, Architecture
Catalina Freixas, Architecture
Bob Hansman, Architecture & Urban Design
Patty Heyda, Architecture & Urban Design
Derek Hoeferlin, Architecture; Chair, Landscape Architecture & Urban Design
Zeuler Lima, Architecture & Urban Design
Linda C. Samuels, Urban Design
Hongxi Yin, InCEES

Assistant Professor

Shantel Blakely, Architecture
Wyly Brown, Architecture
Eric Ellingsen, Landscape Architecture
Petra Kempf, Architecture & Urban Design
Pablo Moyano, Architecture & Urban Design
Kelley Van Dyck Murphy, Architecture
Constance Vale, Architecture
Jesse Vogler, Architecture & Landscape Architecture

Senior Lecturer

Ryan Abendroth, Architecture
Michael Allen, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, & Urban Design
Richard Janis, Architecture
George Johannes, Architecture & Landscape Architecture
Don Koster, Architecture
Doug Ladd, Landscape Architecture
Emiliano López Matas, Architecture
Gay Lorberbaum, Architecture
Jacqueline Margetts, Architecture & Landscape Architecture
Dennis McGrath, Architecture
Bob Moore, Architecture
Jim Scott, Architecture & Landscape Architecture
Phillip Shinn, Architecture
Lindsey Stouffer, Architecture
Andrew Weil, Architecture


Ben Arenberg, Architecture
Douglis Beck, Architecture
Max Bemberg, Architecture
Matthew Bernstine
, Urban Design
Charles Brown, Architecture
Irene Compadre, Architecture
Bob Duffy, Architecture
Carolyn Gaidis, Landscape Architecture
Amy Gilbertson, Architecture
Laura Ginn, Landscape Architecture
Frank Hu, Architecture
Dennis Hyland, Architecture
Anna Ives, Architecture
Carl Karlen, Architecture
Eric Kobal, Architecture
Gavin Kroeber, Architecture
Bill Kuehling, Urban Design
Kevin Le, Architecture
Bob Lewis, Urban Design
Alexandra Mei, Architecture
Allison Mendez, Architecture
Amela Parcic, Architecture
Lynn Peemoeller, Landscape Architecture
Andrew Petty, Architecture
Hannah Roth, Architecture
Anu Samarajiva, Architecture
Aaron Schump, Architecture
Micah Stanek, Architecture & Landscape Architecture
Tomislav Zigo, Architecture

Research Fellow

Rod Barnett, Landscape Architecture
Jenny Price, Architecture
Davis van Bakergem, Architecture, Center for Health Research & Design
Eric Zencey, Urban Design

Visiting Professor

Sarah de Giles
Edward Ford
Patrick Gmür, Ruth and Norman Moore Visiting Professor
Robert Kahn
José Morales

Visiting Associate Professor

Julie Bauer, Architecture

Visiting Assistant Professor

Jonathan Stitelman, Architecture & Urban Design
Ian Trivers, Urban Design; Coordinator, Doctor of Sustainable Urbanism Program

Faculty Abroad

Alejandra Achaval, Program Coordinator, Buenos Aires
Jeffrey Berk, Affiliate Associate Professor, Buenos Aires
Gerardo Caballero, Affiliate Associate Professor, Buenos Aires
Gustavo Cardon, Affiliate Associate Professor, Buenos Aires
Daniel Kozak, Affiliate Associate Professor, Buenos Aires
Fernando Williams, Affiliate Associate Professor, Buenos Aires

Faculty Emeritus

Kathryn Dean
Paul J. Donnelly
Iain Fraser
Gerald Gutenschwager
James Harris
Sheldon D. Helfman
Leslie J. Laskey
Donald Royse
Carl Safe
Thomas Thomson

Dean Emeritus

Constantine E. Michaelides, FAIA
Cynthia Weese, FAIA