Tuition & Fees

In the 2019-20 school year, full-time tuition for students in the Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design at Washington University in St. Louis is $26,350 per semester. The cost of tuition plus living expenses brings fall and spring semester expenses (i.e., a 9-month period) to an estimated total of $79,032.

There is an additional $190 annual studio fee that allows for maintenance and improvements to the School's computing facilities, as well as a $100 student activity fee and a $475 health and wellness fee. Students in the Master of Urban Design program pay an additional $5,000 in fees to cover the costs of travel during the program; read the MUD Travel Fees document for further details.

WashU student health insurance costs $1,942 per year. Please note: U.S. students may waive the student health insurance if they have health insurance through another provider, plan, organization, or family member. Please visit the Student Health Services website.

All charges are split between fall and spring semesters except student health insurance, which is billed in the fall semester. Tuition and fees for each semester are payable approximately two weeks before the first day of classes. The University reserves the right to change the fees stated or to establish additional fees at any time without prior written notice. When fee changes or additions are made, they become effective with the next payment due.

If finances are a concern, be sure to review our Financial Aid & Scholarships page.

Computer Acquisition

The Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design requires all entering students to arrive with a personal laptop computer, compatible with the School's network, for design and seminar course work. Laptop specifications have been made available to incoming students from the School's systems administrators. In addition to the laptop, students are responsible for acquiring necessary software.

Acceptance Deposit

Upon expressing their intent to enroll in the graduate program at the Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design, the applicant is required to submit a $400 deposit, which will be credited toward the first semester's tuition charges. Specific instructions regarding this deposit will be provided along with acceptance materials. In the event the applicant fails to matriculate, the deposit is not refundable.