Photo by Whitney Curtis.

The printmaking area offers a dynamic intersection of traditional printmaking concepts and techniques with a contemporary approach to various exhibition and distribution platforms. You will be encouraged to expand upon technical processes such as etching, woodcut, silkscreen, and photolithography by exploring them alongside or as part of an installation, public projects, digital media, artist books, sculpture, and more. Our program is known for its history of innovative, large-scale work and a mixed-media approach to the printed and drawn mark. You may learn letterpress printing in the Nancy Kranzberg Studio for the Illustrated Book or learn to make paper in the sculpture program.

The extensive facilities in printmaking include the main print shop (for intaglio, relief, monoprint, photolithography, and alternative processes), a silkscreen studio, a digital output room, a critique space, and studios for students. The main shop has a Takach etching press, a lithography press, and a large etching press that supports large-scale works up to 5 x 10 feet. We also offer digital capabilities to make billboard-size prints.

Island Press

You will also benefit from the unique learning experiences gained from Island Press. Founded in 1978, Island Press is a research-based printmaking workshop at Washington University that hosts professional artists for intensive studio residencies. Students have the opportunity to work alongside the artists, a master printer, and faculty as print assistants, helping push projects to new levels of complexity and originality while gaining access and insight into both the technical and conceptual challenges that make each artist's project unique.