Photo by Danny Reise.

In sculpture, you will be challenged to produce objects and actions of meaningful communicative power. You will explore a range of materials, from clay to metal to wood; lectures and historical readings provide opportunities to reevaluate the meanings these primal materials bring to contemporary practice. As you advance in your studies, you will investigate the sociopolitical issues of the body, the figure, and their potential in contemporary art practice through a variety of media and methods, with an emphasis on three-dimensional work and object-based performance. You may also explore numerous scenarios that create different levels of sculptural interactivity, constructing devices ranging from simple mechanisms to large-scale installations that foster physical, analogue, or digital interaction between the viewer and the sculptural environment.

Lectures and techniques contextualize an understanding of pre-formed and found material as a formal and conceptual component resulting in the final work of art. In a critical environment, you will formulate your own material language and learn to articulate your art practice and creative decisions.

University City Sculpture Series

Now in its 32nd year, the University City Public Art Series provides students with hands-on experience in developing works of public art. Participants choose locations, estimate costs, design models, and make professional presentations before University City's Municipal Commission on Arts & Letters. Winning projects are constructed in the community.