Shirin Rastin, Memorial in Exile. 2016 MFA Thesis Exhibition, Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum. Photo by James Byard.

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Advancement to candidacy for the MFA degree is contingent upon passing a series of reviews by a Graduate Committee throughout the course of the program. A student's Graduate Committee governs program content and thesis approval. At the time of a student's admission to the program, consideration may be given to transfer up to six units of graduate credit earned at another institution, provided the student can demonstrate how it would further the achievement of a specific academic goal.

A student who fails to achieve candidacy prior to the beginning of the second year of residence may be advised to withdraw from the program. If denied admission to candidacy twice, the student will be dismissed.

The residence requirement for the MFA degree is at least two academic years of full-time study (minimum 12 credits per semester.) Students have five calendar years from the first date of registration to complete the MFA degree, which includes a thesis exhibition, written thesis, and oral defense in addition to required course work.

The thesis requirement for the MFA degree comprises:
- An exhibition of original work and oral defense to a Graduate Committee
- A written thesis, defended to a Graduate Committee
- Digital documentation and presentation of work to date in the program

Thesis Exhibition

Each year, the curatorial staff of the School's Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum works with graduate students in the preparation and installation of the MFA in Visual Art Thesis Exhibition. This annual exhibition reflects a diversity of ideas, materials, methods of production, and strategies of distribution. The works are material and social, political and psychological, exploring themes such as the politics of race, the role of gender, the poetics of the everyday, and utopian/dystopian futures. Exhibitions have also revealed the effects of travel—
the elements of space, time, history, memory, and the very notion of the urban experience—on studio practice.

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