Laskey Charrette

2018 Laskey Charrette. Photo by Whitney Curtis.

The Laskey Charrette honors Professor Emeritus Leslie J. Laskey and his singular approach to design education during his 35-year tenure at Washington University. For this intensive, weekend-long workshop, second-year architecture students work in teams to brainstorm ideas for a given design challenge. Their final designs are exhibited and reviewed, with a jury of faculty awarding prizes. The charrette is presented annually by Studio L in collaboration with the College of Architecture and Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design.

Past Winners


1st Place ($1,500)

Lotus: Claude Luo, Francois Savignac, Juno Zhu, Xiaofan Hu

Honorable Mentions

Stalaglite: Tony Chen, Malika Johnson, Brittany Heller, Zach Adams

The Light Box: Brooke Bulmash, Yihan Huang, Sam Rho, Basil Frost

Moderator: Jerry Kugler of Kugler Ning Lighting

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1st place award ($1,500)
Team No. 5: John Adrian Anak Christopher, Sebastian Bernal, Wentao Guo

Honorable mentions
Team No. 2: Dylan Chan, Qian Huang, Philipp Kentner, Thomas Spalter

Team No. 8: Yutong Ma, Graham McAllister, Taili Zhuang

Moderator: Artist, writer, and lecturer Ian Monroe (BFA95)

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Three winning teams
Team A: Caroline Amstutz, Martine Kushner, KJ Jiaheng Kuang, and Rodrigo Poma.
Team B: Jenna Schnitzler, Marcellus Johnson, Katie Engelmeyer, and Tiffany Zheng.
Team C: Maddie Farrer, Corrina Thompson, Eleanor Knowles, and Mesha Bisarya. 

Moderator: Elizabeth O'Donnell, AIA, associate dean of The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture of The Cooper Union
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First Prize: Team of Gus Anderson, Eve Bobrow, and Qin Ye Chen

Honorable mentions: Team of Kristen Patino, Yulin Peng, and Rebecca Resnic; team of Jenny Li, Mingxi Li, and Yin Li.

Moderator: Erik M. Hemingway, associate professor of design in the School of Architecture at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and principal of hemingway+a/studio
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First prize: Team of Aria Griffin, Nina Lang, and Alicia Morris.

Honorable mentions (book awards): Team of Ciara Hackman, James McClanahan, and Lucas Rasmussen; team of Jack Lynch and Joshua Stevens.

Moderators: Rick and Laura Brown, co-founders of Handshouse Studio
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First prize: Team of Benjamin Aiken, Olivia Bolton, and Guangdi Yao.

Honorable mentions: Team of Elizabeth Brown, Carley Ream, and Min Suk Yang; team of Ailing Zhang and Jie Fu.

Moderator: Ted Krueger, associate professor of architecture, Rensselaer Institute
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First prize: Team of Casey Federbusch (art), Taylor Halamka (architecture), Edenton Lewis (art), and Caitlin Watanasiri (art).

Book awards: Two teams, featuring Alexandra Chiu (art), Rebecca Curtis (architecture), Grace Davis (architecture), Shira Grosman (architecture), Isaac Howell (art), Patricia Kilbride (art), Wonjin Son (art), and Maya Theus (art).

Moderator: Mehrdad Hadighi, founder and principal, Studio for Architecture; Stuckeman Chair of Integrative Design and head of the Department of Architecture, Pennsylvania State University
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First prize: Team of Eric Zuckerman (Architecture), Ben Zunkeler (Architecture), Anna Darling (Architecture), and Cherise Matthew (Art) for "Felt Detergent."

Book award: Team of Grant McCracken (Architecture), Nicole Yen (Art), Weiqian Liu (Architecture), and Martin Lockman (Architecture) for "Principa Mathematica."

Honorable mentions: Team of Elaine Stokes (Architecture), Adam Strobel (Architecture), and Elizabeth Korb (Art) for "Tangerine Peel;" team of Allison Balogh (Architecture), Quamesha Brown (Art/Architecture), Jordan Rapp (Architecture), Elliot Petterson (Architecture), and Esther Hamburger (Art) for "Log;" and team of Stephanie Silva (Architecture), Sam Stapleton (Architecture), Claudia Frolova (Art), and Madeleine Docherty (Art) for "Rainbow Reproduction."

Moderator: Kyna Leski, professor and head of architecture, Rhode Island School of Design; principal, 3SIXØ Architecture
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Graduate architecture students Lavender Tessmer and Andrea Fisk for "Hang-Out."

Graduate architecture students Akshita Sivakumar and Stephen Kim for "100+."
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