Visiting Faculty

The College of Architecture and Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design have a long-standing tradition of inviting nationally and internationally renowned practicing architects to teach in the School. Coming from diverse points of view, these visitors contribute to the richness of experience for our students and expand the questions that we ask as faculty.

The roster of visiting faculty for spring 2019 is listed below. Other visitors who have taught in the architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design programs over the past several years include: Christine Abbott, Paola Aguirre, Angel Alonso, Alfredo Payá Benedito, Lawrence Blough, Wendell Burnette, Eric Cesal, Brad Cloepfil, Robert Cole, Mark Collins, Sarah Cowles, Sarah Cremin, Yolande Daniels, Susannah Drake, Kristi Dykema, Craig Dykers, Toru Hasegawa, Brian Healy, Andres L. Hernandez, Ferda Kolatan, Sulan Kolatan, Erik L'Heureux, Emiliano López Matas, Rafael Luna, Joe MacDonald, Andrew Metter, Behzad Nakhjavan, Anders Nereim, Angela Pang, Alfredo Payá Benedito, Philippos Photiadis, Hilary Reiser, Mónica Rivera, Heather Roberge, Elena Rocchi, Rocio Romero, Peter Rose, Rhett Russo, David Ruy, Jeff Ryan, Antonio Sanmartín, Peter Stempel, Robert Stuart-Smith, Kenneth Tracy, Nanako Umemoto, UrbanLab, Alex Wall, Chris Warren, Amanda Williams, Michael Willis, and Dongwoo Yim.

Visiting Faculty, Spring 2019

Julie Bauer, Visiting Associate Professor
Viren Brahmbhatt, Visiting Professor
Ginés Garrido, Ruth & Norman Moore Visiting Professor
Oliver Schulze, Visiting Professor
Jonathan Stitelman, Visiting Assistant Professor
Saundra Weddle, Visiting Professor
Jennifer Yoos, Visiting Professor