Outstanding Staff Awards

Each year, the Sam Fox School presents its Outstanding Staff Awards, which recognize Sam Fox School staff members for their exceptional accomplishments, leadership, and service to the University. The number of awardees and the amount of cash prizes vary from year to year, based on the decisions made by the selection committee.

All part-time and full-time staff in the Sam Fox School who hold regular non-faculty positions are eligible to be nominated.

Award recipients are selected on the merits and strengths of the following contributions:

1. Enhancing the quality of work-life in ways that make a significant difference for colleagues and/or students.
2. Providing outstanding and ongoing excellence in services to faculty, staff, and students.
3. Developing creative solutions and/or strategies within their area that result in significantly more effective and efficient department or university programs.

To be considered for the award, staff must be nominated by at least 3 Sam Fox School students, staff, and/or faculty. A brief nomination statement should include specific examples that address the award criteria. Nominations, which are typically accepted each spring, are reviewed by the director of the Kemper Art Museum and the deans of Architecture, Art, and the Sam Fox School.

Outstanding Staff Awards Recipients

Aaron Akins, Associate Registrar
Kim Broker, Associate Registrar for Collections
Jackie Thomas, Administrative Assistant
Richard Viehmann, Computer Systems Manager

Rochelle Caruthers, University Academic Programs Coordinator, Kemper Art Museum
Karen Swiney, Manager of Financial Operations
Audrey Treece, Program Coordinator, Graduate Architecture
Katherine Welsch, Communications Specialist

Brandon Anschultz, Des Lee Gallery Director
Sandra Cooper, Assistant Accountant
Allison Taylor, Head of Education and Community Engagement
Enrique Von Rohr, Senior Lecturer and Director of Research and Technology

Nicole Allen, Assistant Dean, Sam Fox School
Jane Neidhardt, Head of Publications, Kemper Art Museum
Leland Orvis, Facilities Manager, Sam Fox School

Becky Dale, Assistant to the Dean, College & Graduate School of Art
John Foughty, Administrative Coordinator, Kemper Art Museum
Rose Park, Departmental Accountant, Sam Fox School

Ellen Bailey, Administrative Assistant, Sam Fox School
Ron Weaver, Exhibition Preparator, Kemper Art Museum

Jan Hessel, Facilities Manager and Art Preparator, Kemper Art Museum
Diane Mounts, Executive Assistant to the Dean, Sam Fox School

Heather Atkinson, Administrative Assistant
Melinda Compton-Carter, Director of Communications

Georgia Binnington, Associate Dean of Students
Bobbe Winters, Assistant Dean for Finance

Cris Baldwin, Assistant Dean | Registrar, College & Graduate School of Art
Mara Hermano, Special Assistant to the Dean, Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts
Gene Malson, Associate Maintenance Technician

Rachel Keith, Chief Registrar, Kemper Art Museum
Ken Marks, Manager of Maintenance & Facilities
Kathleen O'Donnell, Administrative Coordinator
Leland Orvis, Fabrications Shop Manager
Tom Reed, Master Printer/Shop Coordinator