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Nanako Umemoto

Nanako Umemoto is a principal of RUR Architecture. She earned her Bachelor of Architecture from the Cooper Union in New York in 1983, following studies at the School of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture at the Osaka University of Art. She has taught at various schools in the United States, Europe, and Asia, including Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, EPFL in Lausanne Switzerland, Hong Kong University, Kyoto University, and the Cooper Union, and has lectured widely at various educational and cultural institutions throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. Recently, she co-published a comprehensive monograph, Projects and Their Consequences, which traces thirty years of RUR’s innovative multidisciplinary investigations of form, structure, technique, and planning.

Work by Nanako Umemoto

Aerial photo of a shipping port terminal with exposed beam construction around the exterior. A forward-thrusting tower projects up at one end.

Kaohsiung Port Terminal

RUR Architecture, Taiwan, ROC.
Tower with a white exterior envelope folded in a smooth clover-leaf shape with eye-shaped perforations all over.

O-14 Office Tower

RUR Architecture, Dubai. Photo by Imre Solt.
Interior lobby of a building with smooth, curving white walls with huge eye-shaped perforations.

O-14 Office Tower Entrance Podium

RUR Architecture, Dubai. Photo by Torsten Seidel.
Exterior of a concert hall with a ridged clam-shell like brass exterior envelope.

Taipei Pop Music Center

RUR Architecture, Taiwan, ROC.
Interior of a building looking upwards to see many different projecting angles in the ceiling structure.

Taipei Pop Music Center Lobby

RUR Architecture, Taiwan, ROC.