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Mary Ruppert-Stroescu

Mary Ruppert-Stroescu earned her PhD from the University of Missouri, Columbia, in Human Environmental Sciences. Her dissertation, Typology for Creativity in Fashion Design and Development, focused on the interaction between creativity and technology for fashion design in the 21st century. Ruppert-Stroescu cultivates creativity by stimulating the learning process through a student-centered system that supports different learning styles, continuously challenging students to increase knowledge and to develop independent and critical thinking. Her professional network includes successful former students in fashion industry positions around the world.

Her current research focuses on the study and application of creativity, particularly through the exploration of sustainable fashion design and production and wearable electronic textile-based sensing systems that address issues of health and well-being. Her interdisciplinary collaborations with engineers and medical scientists have resulted in innovations related to conductive thread performance, the integration of sensors into textile embodiments for diverse body types, and user needs for textile-based sensing systems. She holds intellectual property protection for four inventions and has presented her research and creative scholarship at national and international conferences. Her service-learning work has been recognized twice by Oklahoma State University, and she was recognized as the Spears School of Business Riata Entrepreneurship Fellow of the Year.

Work by Mary Ruppert-Stroescu

Four shots of a model wearing a cream top with a V-neck and long, draping sleeves, light cocoa patterned trousers, and heels of a similar color way: especial focus on the top, which is slightly cropped, with collar detailing.

Two shots of a model wearing a jacket/outer garment that drapes like a dress in the back; the piece is slightly sheer, an underlying collaged texture visible through the fabric, which is outlined in red.

A model wears a colorfully dyed top and a solid yellow dress with black heels: the top (seems to be/) is made of various fabrics, its colors ranging from a warm, muted yellow to a darker purple.

Three views of a model in a black shirt and pants and white shoes, with a wearable device on their chest; the wearable measures their heart activity. One shot includes a view of the device unzipped, its contents visible — a chip and various sensors.