Pre-College Programs

The Architecture Discovery Program and Portfolio Plus Program was offered remotely for summer 2020. Admitted students should visit the Pre-College Programs section of the Sam Fox School intranet for detailed information.

WashU’s Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts offers top-ranking programs in architecture, art, and design within a world-renowned academic and research institution. You’ll experience college-level courses and studio culture, and explore the dynamic art and design scene in St. Louis.

Both our Architecture Discovery Program and Portfolio Plus Program offer rigorous instruction that prepares you for college-level work. Our programs are for rising juniors and seniors in high school.

Hear from Our Students

“ADP made me realize that architecture is much more than buildings. Through the structure and the process, we learned more. In the lectures we learned about a lot of things like landscape architecture and sculptural pieces. It made me rethink how diverse architecture is.”
—Carlos Cepeda, Miami, FL. Architecture Discovery Program 2019.

“ADP really freed up my whole design process. I also improved my precision, drawing nice lines, and creating sections. I improved my spatial awareness, too. I can better visualize how things work in three dimensions and can translate that into two-dimensional drawings.”
—John Curylo, St. Louis, MO. Architecture Discovery Program 2019.

“The teacher and student relationship is really strong. The classroom environment and how the students support each other and give critiques and feedback is really helpful. The collaborative space and how we collaborate for our pieces is really, really great.”
—Rose Lee, rising senior, China. Portfolio Plus 2019.

“The people, the resources, and the professors are the best part of PP. The students are so fun and you get close so quickly. The professor’s guidance, instruction, and feedback is so helpful and specific. The resources are incredible—the facilities and materials we have access to are incredible.”
—Teagan Baker, St. Louis, MO. Portfolio Plus 2019.

What You Can Expect

- Attend lectures from WashU faculty and professionals
- Participate in workshops and attend an admissions information session
- Learn new tools and techniques in our outstanding facilities
- Present your work in a final critique
- Show your work in a public exhibition
- Earn college credit
- Virtual visits to award-winning architecture firms and professional artists’ studios
- Tour of our own Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum
- Be mentored by program assistants who are current students

Want to know more? Visit the pages for our Architecture Discovery Program and Portfolio Plus Program, or contact:

Rachel Youn
Admissions Counselor

Tom Reed
Senior Lecturer and Master Printer, Island Press