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Creative Activity Research Awards

The Sam Fox School’s Creative Activity Research Awards enable faculty to pursue innovative new projects or to advance ongoing creative activity and research. All Sam Fox School tenured and tenure-track faculty as well as full-time senior lecturers are eligible to apply. Grants typically cover a one-year period, with awards ranging from $1,000 to $8,000.

2021-22 Award Recipients

  • Aggie Toppins, associate professor, and Shreyas R Krishnan, assistant professor, to support the TL;DR Zine Archive and Exhibition, a collection of zines by designers and illustrators who make critical investigations through material form and content.

  • Pablo Moyano Fernandez, assistant professor, to support the production of a series of ten concrete mockups to test and showcase the capabilities of the proposed Sequential Casting Concrete System (SCCS) in low-rise, load-bearing enclosures.

  • Wyly Brown, assistant professor, to support the creation of a visual exhibition and presentation that explores the ecological, social, and economic benefits of planting and commercially harvesting timber bamboo on vacant brownfield lots in the City of St. Louis.

  • Linda C. Samuels, associate professor, to support Mapping Food Further Forward (M3F), a collaboration with the Los Angeles-based food recovery nonprofit Food Forward, that will assist in mapping the recovery and redistribution of 26 million pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables they provide free of charge to Angelenos each year. This project is a six- to nine-month effort to better understand the spatial distribution of intermediate-level agencies and ultimately families who receive food support, and the gaps where more support is needed.

  • Derek Hoeferlin, associate professor, to support his participation in an exhibition in Columbus, Indiana, as an Exhibit Columbus 2020-21 University Design Research Fellow.

Jonathan Hanahan, assistant professor
Igor Marjanović, JoAnne Stolaroff Cotsen Professor
Eric Mumford, Rebecca and John Voyles Professor of Architecture, and Shantel Blakely, assistant professor
Tim Portlock, professor
Denise Ward-Brown, professor
Petra Kempf, assistant professor
Derek Hoeferlin, associate professor
Meghan Kirkwood, assistant professor
Constance Vale, assistant professor
Kelley Van Dyck Murphy, assistant professor
Patty Heyda, associate professor
Lisa Bulawsky, professor
Tom Reed, senior lecturer
Mary Ruppert-Stroescu, associate professor
Tim Portlock, associate professor
Penina Acayo Laker, assistant professor
Chandler Ahrens, assistant professor
Chrissi Cowhey, assistant professor
Douglas B. Dowd, professor
Pablo Moyano, senior lecturer
Linda C. Samuels, associate professor
Ken Botnick, professor
Jennifer Colten, senior lecturer
Catalina Freixas, assistant professor
Jonathan Hanahan, assistant professor
Buzz Spector, professor
Stan Strembicki, professor
Rod Barnett, professor, and Jacqueline Margetts, senior lecturer
Derek Hoeferlin, assistant professor
Stephen Leet, professor
Denise Ward-Brown, associate professor
Chandler Ahrens, assistant professor
Lisa Bulawsky, associate professor
Jennifer Colten, senior lecturer
Patty Heyda, assistant professor
Igor Marjanovic, associate professor
Catalina Freixas, assistant professor, and Pablo Moyano, senior lecturer
Kees Lokman, assistant professor
Lindsey Stouffer, senior lecturer
Ron Fondaw, professor
Patty Heyda, assistant professor; Natalie Yates, assistant professor; and Christine Yogiaman, assistant professor
Igor Marjanovic, associate professor
Eric Mumford, professor
Monika Weiss, assistant professor
Lauren Adams, assistant professor
Joan Hall, Kenneth E. Hudson Professor of Art
Robert McCarter, Ruth and Norman Moore Professor of Architecture
Christine Yogiaman, assistant professor
Ken Botnick, professor
DB Dowd, professor
Derek Hoeferlin, senior lecturer
Jenny Lovell, assistant professor
Arny Nadler, associate professor
Denise Ward-Brown, associate professor
Lisa Bulawsky, associate professor
Michael Byron, professor
Jenny Lovell, assistant professor
Jen Maigret, assistant professor
Heather Woofter, assistant professor
DB Dowd, professor
Zeuler Lima, assistant professor
Igor Marjanovic, assistant professor
Arny Nadler, assistant professor
Franklin Oros, associate professor